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Dinner, Cocktails, Flexibility


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Room fee of $300-500/hour depending on room selection, with a minimum of two hours required per space.
Room setup options available: (seated/standing)

  • Fisherman's Upstairs: (201/250)
    • Upstairs Dining Room + Patio (126/200)
      • Captain's Room (30/40)
      • Upstairs Dining Room (54/70)
      • Upstairs Patio (72/90)
        • Upstairs Cocktail Deck (35/40)
    • Lower Dining Room + Patio (360/550)
      • Lower Dining Room (150/170)
      • Lower Patio (250/300)
      • Lower Cocktail Deck (25/30)
      • Lower Glass Porch Patio (40/50)


  • The Fisherman’s private dining spaces offer a rustic nautical setting with experienced wood beams, columns, and ship-like décor.
  • Located at the end of the Pier, with two levels, each boasting a bar, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Located on Elliot Bay’s Puget Sound with 180-degree views of the waterfront and Olympic Mountains.
  • Chef Nick Novello celebrates the seafood tradition of the Pacific Northwest by crafting dishes with local, right-from-the-water seafood. The menu also offers options for those who aren't fish or shellfish enthusiasts like dry aged steak, roasted half chicken, and pasta.
  • Features such as A/V audio, private bar, private restrooms, and private entrance.
  • Prefix menus and bar packages available upon request.

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